Saturday, March 11, 2023

Putting on a tire.

I can't remember how many times I've changed tires for people on club rides. I'd rather not do it but if there's one thing worse than getting my hands dirty it's watching people waste time struggling over a flat tire.

Most of you can get the tire off, check for what caused the flat and put the new tube in. The grief comes with the struggle to get that last few inches of tire back on the rim when your thumbs just aren't strong enough.

Let's make it easy. Hold the wheel on the ground with the valve at the bottom. Start putting the tire on at the top of the wheel opposite the valve and work down toward the valve pushing the sides down as you go. When you get to the hard bit then spit on your fingers and rub them under the tire bead. The tire will pop on easily.

With the valve at the bottom push down on each side of the tire.
A little spittle under the last part will make it even easier.

If you have a CO2 pump to inflate your tires but have never used one then buy a pump - it'll still work after the inflator has popped off the valve and frozen your hand. If you must use a CO2 inflator then buy a Red Zeppelin which screws onto the valve - never pops off.

Don't throw your inner tube away. Repair kits are cheap. So take it home and fix it - or give it to me.

Allan Broadribb
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