Sunday, October 29, 2023

SRO - Solo Rides Only

It's Sunday morning, John wants an article for the club newsletter tomorrow and I have no ideas. I glimpse something on TV about Alberto Anguzza, an Italian who became an internet phenom on his balcony by playing The Circle of Life on his trumpet during Covid. The next thing you know, Italians are on their balconies everywhere during the lockdown singing opera and the dolphins have returned to the canals of Venice. What was I doing while all this was happening?

Well, I'd been writing articles for Around The Villages at John's behest and I created Two Tired Tales, a blog, so they wouldn't be lost. And it was a period for me of SROs - Solo Rides Only.

I particularly remember one Sunday solo around Lake Harris to Tavares notable for an almost complete lack of traffic which made the misery miles of Hwy 27 and 441 almost a pleasure to ride. Everything was closed including the Yalaha Bakery. There wasn't a single car on the bridge across Little Lake Harris lake - imagine! I had lunch on a bench at the deserted Tavares train station - Gatorade and the PB&J sandwich I'd thought to take with me.

Another Sunday I rode to Treasure Island and the Haines Creek lock where there is a mobile home park close by called Bonfire Mobile Village - wrap your imagination around that!

Not too bad for someone who can't play trumpet or sing but I'm a great fan of opera and dolphins.