Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Wallace and Grommet go to Belleview

On a cold day in December I don my ultrawarm Wallace and Grommet jacket and plan a short ride to explore Belleview. 

It is a town, like many others, which you drive through on the highway to get somewhere else and wonder why anyone would live there?

I ride around the older east side of the town to Lake Lilian Park and see the older kept up and renovated homes and the question is easily answered!

For route information click here.

Tuesday, January 5, 2021

The Withlacoochee River and Lake Panasoffkee

On a ride around Lake Panasoffkee I turned right off CR470 onto CR300 to see the Withlacoochee River at Carlson Landing. It is a pretty spot with a dam and a lock for recreation boats and the boat ramps make it a popular spot for kayakers and fishermen

In the late 1800s the steam paddle boat Sam Pyles could stop here to pick up or deliver freight on its way to Panasoffkee Junction at the south end of Lake Panasoffkee.

Continuing south on CR470 I stopped at Marsh Bend Park to see the Outlet River where the steamboats were able to enter Lake Panasoffkee and kayakers and fishermen still can.

By 1900 the water borne freight business could no longer compete with the railroads. In the picture of the Sam Pyles at Pansoffkee Junction you’ll see that low railroad bridges could somewhat hamper steam boat operations!