Friday, February 18, 2022

Fixing the Garmin Power Switch

My good old Garmin Edge 800 power switch finally gave out on me. I was left with a hole where the the power button was. Options are to buy a new one or try to fix it. Being me I decide to try fixing it. I've had this Edge 800, which was introduced in 2010, about 8 years. It has everything I need especially great easy to follow maps which are really useful when riding away in places like the Carolinas and Europe.

Here's the hole where the button had failed. You can see the switch inside.

I cut a piece out of an eraser to fit the hole with an Xacto knife - a fiddly job.

Then I fit the piece of eraser in the hole making sure it is not too tight so the momentary switch button inside will release after being pushed. Then I mess with it a bit to make sure it works.

I cover the result with  piece of electrical tape and  .   .   .

  .   .   .   .Hey Presto - it works - just like that. Although I'll probably have to replace the electrical tape from time to time. And, now you know where I live!

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