Saturday, August 8, 2020

When Lake Sumter was Cherry Lake

Before The Villages Lake Sumter was called Cherry Lake which at the time through wetlands joined up with Black Lake and Lake Miona. The small community of Cherry Lake still exists at the east end of the lake and is located on the west side of CR100 just south of CR466. On this USGS map you will see Spark Level Church and a track going south of it with a cross at the end which marks the location of Cherry Lake Community Cemetery.
County Road 100B - the path to the Cherry Lake Community Cemetery between the homes of the Village of Caroline. 
To get there I took the "official" route turning off CR100 onto CR100B which takes you all the way to the church and the cemetery.
"ELISA MCLoud BORN 1857 didE dEC 1925" [sic] was the oldest head stone I could find. The cemetery is still in use with the latest interment in January of this year.
To leave I took the "unofficial" route by hopping over the fence adjacent to the postal station into the Village of Caroline.

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