Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Amaskohegan - Bright Moon Lake

Lake Weir is a popular destination for SLBC club rides whether it be at the Sam Phillips Park or Carney Island boat ramps. Lake Weir Yacht Club circa 1890

In his 1883 book “Lake Weir” T.M. Shackleford wrote “In the southern portion of Marion county, Florida, lies a lake of wondrous beauty. Even the untaught Seminoles were captivated by its loveliness, and they named it in their musical language Amaskohegan, meaning Bright Moon Lake”. Known to us as Lake Weir, Shackleford includes a poem about the lake penned by E.P. Turnley.

As well as selling his book for 50 cents a copy Shackleford also sold advertising.

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